Designed just for you

PipeOps is designed for Devs, Startups and DevOps Engineers at different stages & different technical prowess

Develop, Build, & Deploy.

For Developers with Zero DevOps experience; easily build and deploy any application written in your favourite frontend or backend frameworks into our servers. Its like Heroku, but cheaper with no extra configurations.

  1. Connect to GitHub & Gitlab
  2. 30+ frameworks supported
  3. MySQL, MongoDB, & Redis Supported
  4. Go live in 3 easy steps
Develop, Build, & Deploy.

Power, Scalability & Convenience.

For fast growing startups looking to migrate, scale, or effectively manage their cloud; you get the flexibility and power of Kubernetes coupled with the covenience of having your frontend & backend apps deployed through one platform.

  1. Autoscaling
  2. Seamless migration from Heroku to PipeOps
  3. Frontend, Backend, & Database on one platform
  4. Zero DevOps required
Power, Scalability & Convenience.

Full Control & Reliability.

For DevOps engineers who like to be more hands-on; all the custom settings, metrics, logs, and functionalities you need to remain adequately informed and in control of all that happens in your cloud.

  1. Build & Runtime Logs
  2. Prometheus Metrics
  3. Scaling Triggers
  4. Resource Limiting & Event Logs
Full Control & Reliability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let go of doubt and be Pipe Assured.

Do I need an AWS account to use PipeOps?

This is not necessary for the developer plan, because you can deploy your applications to our PipeOps servers and still enjoy the benefits of AWS.
However, if you are a startup, you can also connect your existing AWS account to use PipeOps.

Will I still have access to my servers if I stop using PipeOps?

Yes, you will. If you decide to stop using PipeOps, everything that was provisioned on your AWS account through PipeOps remains accessible.

How long does it take to deploy a project on PipeOps

Depending on the project type, deploying projects on PipeOps can be done in seconds.

Do I need DevOps expertise to use PipeOps

No!, we have made PipeOps so easy to use that you need little to no DevOps experience to setup your infrastructure, manage it and deploy app into it

Do i need a credit card to sign up?

No, creating an account on PipeOps is free, and our starter plan lets you deploy a project for free.
To deploy more projects, you will have toUpgrade to a paid plan

Can i cancel my subscription anytime?

You can cancel your subscription whenever you choose to. However, this means that you won't be able to access the corresponding features.